WE ARE Equal Access Group

The Equal Access Group is made up of four entities, all passionate about their specialised fields and we believe

Everyone Should be able to access or egress
Everywhere within the built environment
Everytime they need to.

We provide both a consulting service and a range of products throughout Australia and the world and have worked on many high profile projects including the Australian Embassy in Japan, National Museum of Australia and the Museum of Australian Democracy.

Our team are fully qualified and have extensive experience in their fields. We help organisations and individuals create safe environments and to prepare for emergencies.

We’re passionate and committed to supporting the rights of all people, including people with disability, ensuring their home and place of work are accessible and that in the event of an emergency, everyone gets out safely.

Our Business

Equal Access Disability Access Consultants is one of Australia’s leading Disability Access and Egress Consultancies. Our key personnel are accredited with ACAA and provide a specialist consulting service to enhance the built environment to provide “Equal Access” for members of the community with disability.

EvacuLife is focused on providing homes and workplaces with a range of tools and equipment that can assist and potentially save lives in an emergency. Our products have been carefully selected by our team and cater for all members of the community, including people with disability. Prepare your home, workplace

SDA Consulting Australia will take you through the assessment and funding process to help you choose the right SDA for your needs. Our team of highly experienced disability services consultants has extensive knowledge of building practices with a special interest in accessibility and understand how the NDIS and SDA work.

Access And Safety Australia is specialised in sourcing products that increase amenity for people with disability and safety for all. Suitable for residential, specialist disability accommodation, workplaces, hospitality, health and aged care, childcare and education, our range also includes products focused on safety and the needs of people with disability.

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